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Participation in an adjudication hearing known as a auction hearing before the enforcement judge of the competent judicial court can only be done on the basis of represented by a Lawyer.

Our extensive experience of auctions means that we can offer you an all-in-one service, starting with the preparation of your file, followed by your representation at the auction hearing, through to the complex administrative procedures if you are the lucky winner.

How can you prepare?

Preparing for an auction hearing is simple, as long as you follow the protocol laid down by your lawyer.

MUSE AVOCATS is able to process your bid for auctions of up to 24 hours before the hearing date

To submit your application, all you have to do is read the information in the drop-down menu on the right and then click below to send us the initial details of your project.

Information to be provided

To be able to place your bids, you must be of legal age and of full legal capacity. First of all, we will need : 

  • a valid ID for each bidder (e.g. for a married couple, one ID per member of the couple)
  • a K-Bis extract less than 3 months old for a company (SARL, SCI)
  • if you are in a civil partnership or are married, a certificate of civil partnership or marriage

Documents to be completed

Once we have checked your identity, we will give you a set of forms to complete, including : 

  • a proxy per bidder, which will determine the maximum amount of your bid
  • a certificate of non-conviction


The provision charged to take part in the auction is 10 % of the hammer price or €3,000.00 minimum.

Plus, in addition to the deposit, winning the auction means that you have to bear a set of costs: mandatory legal fees including lawyer's fees, registration fees and costs of publication at the Service de la Publicité Foncière (SPF).

⚠️ One estimate the amount of these costs is communicated before the hearing, and may change depending on the formalities to be completed following the judgment.


If you are declared the winning bidder , we will notify you as soon as the hearing is over so that you can start the administrative formalities: payment of the advance on costs, deadlines for disbursing funds, etc.

⚠️ Auctions at the Bar are strictly regulated by the Court and involve a large number of participants and therefore costs. If you win the auction, but do not pay the price offered or no longer wish to be the successful bidder, you will be liable for all the above costs, as well as the difference between your proposed price and the sale price to a third party who will succeed you.

If you are not declared the winning bidder you can form an overbid of a tenth of the maximum bid 10 days after the initial hearing.

The higher bid must be submitted through a Lawyer, subject to providing the above-mentioned supporting documents, as well as a bank cheque for 10% for the amount of the higher bid.

If you do not wish to bid higher, the bank cheque will be returned to you by post within 48 hours.

A unique package

Analysis / Gathering / Escrow / Hearing

*In accordance with Article L221-28 du Code de la consommation, the right of withdrawal does not apply to services that have been fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution has begun with your agreement or your express request, such as the order given to a Lawyer to take bids to the bar in your name.


Frequently Asked Questions
The following is a selection of frequently asked questions. For further information, please use our contact form or the chat module at the bottom of the page.

What is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation enables your lawyer to examine the circumstances of your matter and highlight any legal issues that may arise.

During this meeting, your lawyer will consult all the relevant documents you might have in hands which are related to your case to complete his analysis (contract(s), invoice(s), mail(s) between the various parties involved, accounting documents, witness statements, affidavits, bailiff's reports, etc.).

If the information provided is sufficient, a response may be given to you at the end of this initial consultation.

What happens after this initial consultation?

Sometimes it is difficult to resolve all the outstanding issues of a case at the end of a single consultation. Because a case is so complex, we need to request additional documents and/or information from third parties (administrative authorities, public registers, bailiffs' summonses) or to cross-check information in our professional databases.

At this stage, your lawyer will give you a roadmap outlining all the actions to be taken and the strategy to be followed in order to reach a solution.

All the foreseeable steps will be detailed in a fee agreement, which will give you an estimated time to carry out the formalities (drafting of deeds, compulsory formalities, forensic, court referrals, pleadings, enforcement of judgement).

Is the initial consultation charged?

Should you decide to entrust your case to us, your initial consultation will automatically be subject to a refund on your first invoice. However, if the initial consultation is a one-off and does not involve any sequel, the cost of the initial consultation will be set at the preferential flat rate of €69,00 excluding VAT.

How much does a lawyer cost?

Fees charged by MUSE AVOCATS lawyers are usually billed on a time-spent basis.

However, depending on each specific case, its complexity and what is at stake, how many steps need to be taken and the client's financial resources, a tailor-made fixed fee may be set so your budget is under control.

For more detail, please check the Services and fees page.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, our online payment service provider Stripe® allows you to pay your fees in instalments, free of charge.

Are your fees covered by legal expenses insurance?

Yes, in accordance with the deductibles and coverage limits set out in the general and/or special terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Also, please remember your insurance company cannot impose a lawyer on you. You are free to appoint any counsel you wish: our fees will be covered.


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