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First consultation refunded*

09 83 68 80 80 (toll-free) 

First consultation refunded*

*The initial consultation is automatically refunded on the first invoice whether you choose to entrust your case to MUSE AVOCATS. For a one-off consultation with no further action required, the initial consultation is charged at the single rate of €69,00 excluding VAT.


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MUSE AVOCATS lawyers pool their expertise in a wide range of legal areas, including business law, tax and corporate law, real estate law, to help you overcome your legal issues.

Their combined actions will help you solve your legal problems.


Police custody


Immediate trial


Investigation procedure (assisted witness & indictment)

Business criminal law

Prison law, enforcement of sentences and release


Commercial leases

Disputes resolution


Professional liability


Court of First Instance

Commercial Court

Court of Appeal

Sale of a business


Loans, TEG

Fees, commissions, agios

Duty to warn and inform

Payment fraud

Crypto, NFT

Surety, Pledge

Seizure of bank accounts



Optimisation, tax exemption

Asset management and transfer


Litigation with the tax authorities

Setting up a company

Partnership agreement

Transfer of shares


Real estate



Defects and deficiencies

Out-of-court and in-court valuations

Two-year, ten-year and DO warranties

Unpaid rent

Co-ownership and charges

Auction sales (adjudication)


Matrimonial systems

Collaborating partner


Educational assistance

Protected minors and adults


Liquidation of joint ownership

SCI / Family limited liability company


Click on a topic for more information about each of our legal expertise.



We use all ways to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your lawyer directly.

Contact us anywhere 🌍
At your convenience, via email, phone, Microsoft Teams™, WhatsApp, Zoom
Without any intermediaries.

Are you based in Lyon or the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region?
We welcome you to one of our offices in Lyon (Préfecture / Palais de Justice area or at the Grand Hôtel Dieu).


To offer you support simple and flexibleWe have the most modern tools at your disposal:
participative videoconferencing, electronic signatures, enforceable legal documents, secure file sharing, etc.

We handle your cases with cutting-edge digital technologies and the very latest procedural laws to ensure greater efficiency.

🤝🏻 Is your dispute about to be settled out of court? Is the sale of your business imminent?

Your lawyer will draw up a draft deed in line with your objectives.

A participative videoconference meeting is then scheduled via appointment™ or Zoom, by screen-sharing, so you can review and adjust the act in real time.

Once finalised, the document is placed in our signature box DocuSign® to be signed electronically, even if each party is on the other side of the world.

Your interests are protected as swiftly as possible, allowing you to concentrate on other priorities.

🚨 Has a bailiff been to your home? Have you received a summons to appear before the Court?

There's no time to lose: get in touch with your lawyer to analyse the document you have received.

If the items in your folder are too large, you can drag and drop them. on our private servers OVHCloud.

Your files are stored ephemeral, confidential and secure to be read by your lawyer.

Click on the logo to access our private and secure file-sharing service.

First consultation refunded*

09 83 68 80 80 (toll-free) 

First consultation refunded*

*The initial consultation is automatically refunded on the first invoice whether you choose to entrust your case to MUSE AVOCATS. For a one-off consultation with no further action required, the initial consultation is charged at the single rate of €69,00 excluding VAT.

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More than 1,200 customers, both professionals and consumers, have placed their trust on us, in France, in the European Union, Switzerland or Canada.

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  • jean thevenin ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Excellent listening skills and great availability.professional advice.expertise and great involvement in the projects.individual and regular client follow-up.
  • Thierry MATTERA ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Having been advised, supported and accompanied throughout the procedure by Maitre PLUMERAULT of MUSE AVOCATS made our problems much easier to bear.
  • Anne-Laure MATTERA ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I see that Muse Avocats has a rating of 4.9 as I write this review, well that's well deserved! I was defended by this firm in a dispute. In fact, I didn't ... More I wasn't 'just' defended, I was supported throughout this painful and anxiety-provoking process. I can only recommend...
  • Eva 0605 ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I had the opportunity to work with Muse Avocats. I am very satisfied with this rewarding experience. I recommend this firm, which combines values and expertise. ... More
  • Fred Sanchez ★★★★★ one month ago
    Thank you to the entire team at Muses Avocats, who were by my side throughout the proceedings in my case, right up to its positive outcome. Yours sincerely N.T.S.

Meet the lawyers of MUSE AVOCATS
and learn about their expertise

Founding lawyer


Lyon Bar

At the same time as studying for a Master's degree in Procedural Law (Civil and Commercial Proceedings), Amaury PLUMERAULT joined the firm. FiDAL, France's leading business law firm, where he worked for almost 4 years.

Building on this experience, Maître PLUMERAULT completed his career at Oracle Sollicitors (London) before joining YDES, ranked as one of France's top M&A and private equity firms by IFLR1000 and Legal 500.

Involved in dispute resolution and procedural issues, he wrote a comparative law dissertation on class action, supported members of various associations such as the UFC - Que Choisir or ADIGIP (Association des Investisseurs en Girardin). He provides his expertise in commercial law and litigation as well as in law banking and insurance.

Founding lawyer


Lyon Bar

Sandra GARCIA holds a Master's degree in Real Estate Law and has also been an active member of the AIDPI (Association de l'Institut de Droit Patrimonial et immobilier).

She then went on to work in the department wealth engineering of a major French private bank, before working with a number of Lyon law firms renowned for their expertise in the field. real estate law. 

Maitre GARCIA is able to advise you and handle all your cases in this area: from construction to delivery, including defects (biennial guarantee, ten-year guarantee, contractual liability).

She will also take all your bids to the Tribunal Bar if you are planning to take part in a adjudication hearing.


Maxence PASCAL

Lyon Bar

Maxence PASCAL graduated from the University of Aix-en-Provence with a Master's degree in Criminal Law and from the University of Paris X with a Master's degree in Criminal Sciences, and has always focused on criminal law. During his career, he joined the GUEGUEN-CARROL law firm in PARIS before moving to a Lyon law firm focusing on criminal procedure in 2012.

Formerly head of teaching at the Université Lyon II and Co-President of the Criminal Law Commission of the Ecole des Avocats, Maxence PASCAL also has a broad range of training experience with the Direction Interrégionales des Services Pénitentiaires de Lyon (DISP), the Maison d’arrêt de Lyon-Corbas et de la Juridiction Interrégionale Spécialisée (JIRS) of the Lyon Criminal Court. These latter experiences have led him to focus on sentencing and subsequently on the execution of sentences for convicted prisoners.



Lyon Bar

Having obtained a University Diploma in German Law, Marion BERNARDI joined the University of Konstanz with a passion for foreign affairs. Her international career led her to join prestigious law firms such as White & Case in Frankfurt and Arendt & Medernach in Luxembourg to perfect her knowledge in European tax and Corporate Law.

Her expertise covers advising individuals and companies on structuring and optimising their capital, as well as VAT and registration duty issues. She can also represent you in all tax disputes (settlement, Administrative Courts).



Lyon Bar

Promoted by the University of Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne and holder of a Master 2 in Fundamental Freedoms, Raphaële TORT-BOURGEOIS completed her qualifications in 2021 with a certificate as an expert in criminal procedure from Lyon 3 - Jean Moulin University. 


She draws on her extensive academic background to defend and protect the interests of her clients. intra and extra-familial of their premises (matrimonial property regimeswills) to their end (divorces, estatesliquidation).

Because the family is the cradle of our relationships and our heritage, Maitre TORT-BOURGEOIS ensures respect for the rule of law. juvenile law and major fragile both personally and heritage. She is an active member of the Family Law Commission of the Lyon Bar Association..

For a number of years now, Maitre TORT-BOURGEOIS has also been running workshops at a Lyon business school to raise awareness among future entrepreneurs about the protecting their heritage and their families when they set up their businesses.

In addition to her work as a lawyer, Maitre TORT-BOURGEOIS also teaches training in terms of equal pay, quality of life at work (parenthood, teleworking), the fight against sexist and sexual violence and discrimination. These courses are aimed at all employees, managers and HR professionals.

First consultation refunded*

09 83 68 80 80 (toll-free) 

First consultation refunded*

*The initial consultation is automatically refunded on the first invoice whether you choose to entrust your case to MUSE AVOCATS. For a one-off consultation with no further action required, the initial consultation is charged at the single rate of €69,00 excluding VAT.

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A group independent combined with a 100 % platform independent.

We designed them and we are the ones exclusive owners.

We are not affiliated to any third-party structure (non-lawyer legal advice websites).

When you contact us, there is no intermediary.

From you to us.


We guarantee complete confidentiality with regard to the treatment of your personal data as well as your case. Our professional secrecy is unfailingly upheld.


In compliance with our ethical responsibilities, we attend at least 20 hours of professional seminars a year, during which we analyse and discuss the latest developments in the law.

Lawyers from the MUSE Collective also take part in the Commissions of the Lyon Bar Association in their areas of expertise, to ensure a high quality of service. constant interaction with those involved in the judicial life of the Lyon Bar Association.

We also keep a close eye on the latest legal developments, transcribing them into simple, accessible articles on our Blog.

This way, you'll always have an up-to-date overview of your rights, so you can better anticipating your needs and the Law of Tomorrow.



Your law firm in Lyon. We welcome you to one of our offices in Lyon. We can also handle all your requests online, whenever you need and wherever you are. Say Hello to digital law!

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