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Immediately find your applicant or correspondent to stand in for you before the courts.


The process of finding a candidate can be tedious and time-consuming.

The #MUSE platform puts you in direct and immediate contact with colleagues in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, and very soon in the PACA and Paris regions.

Create your colleague space

In just 2 minutes, you'll have access to your dedicated customer area, hosted on the French company OVHin Gravelines (Hauts-de-France).


Send your documents online, directly to your lawyer, via the secure transfer service included in our offer. Each time a document is sent from your computer to OVH's servers, it is encrypted. encrypted using a unique key

Receive confirmation

You will receive confirmation that your case has been taken on within a maximum of 24 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays).


An interface designed by lawyers, for lawyers

Log on to your personal space whenever you like, from your computeryour tablet or your smartphone,  to follow :

Your cloud

Consult each of your folders and add : 

- Your new documents and conclusions, 
- Messages for the attention of the court, 
- Information provided by the opposing parties, 
- Your pleadings, etc.

All documents transmitted are hosted on OVH® France servers. The #MUSE platform uses an HTTPS protocol which enables an encrypted connection to be established with your computer to ensure the security of transfers and the protection of your personal data.

Hearing schedule

Updated in real time, your calendar gives you an at-a-glance view of your next key deadlines for each of your dossiers: 

- Your next conclusions, 
- Adverse conclusions, 
- Hearing on incident, 
- Plea hearings, etc.

 With the personalised remindersyou will receive at least one alert 10 days before an important deadline (submission of your pleadings, submission of the case file, oral hearing, etc.)

Your latest documents

A single, clear and intuitive interface, where your colleague can provide you with all the information you need to discuss your current cases.

 View and download invoices for legal representation fees directly from your personal space, which you can then send to your client.

The Collectif d'avocats offers you rates adapted to our colleagues

One-off dismissal & Procedures

The lawyers in the #MUSE group can take care of all your day-to-day legal matters, including : 

- Referral of your case
- The depot, in personyour declaration of appeal
- The depot, in persona company registration file, etc.

One-off dismissal
& steps



Ad hoc advocacy



Ad hoc advocacy

The lawyers of the #MUSE collective are able to conduct oral hearings before all courts, whether it be on the merits or in summary proceedingsparticularly in front of : 

- The TI / TGI
- The CPH
- Police and Magistrates' Courts
- The Court of Appeal

Application & Correspondence

No pleading

Save yourself a lot of travel and entrust the handling of your cases to lawyers who are familiar with the practices of local jurisdictions. 

Thanks to our #MUSE platform, you can monitor the progress of your business on a daily basis This includes the timetable for preparation of the case, the minutes posted online after each hearing, the submissions received from opposing parties, etc.

& correspondence




& correspondence




Application & Correspondence

With pleading

At the end of the preparation of a case, and after having discussed with you, assimilated your strategy and your lines of defence, the Lawyers of the #MUSE collective will be able, if you wish it, to ensure the hearing of pleadings.

Expert meeting

Send the lawyers in the #MUSE collective all the information you have so that we can attend an on-site appraisal meeting on your behalf. 

At the end of each meeting, you will receive a detailed report of the operations carried out and the observations made by all the parties involved.

Expert meeting


HT / Hour


Your law firm in Lyon. We welcome you to one of our offices in Lyon. We can also handle all your requests online, whenever you need and wherever you are. Say Hello to digital law!

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