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Matrimonial systems

The choice of a matrimonial property regime is the starting point for your joint assets. Together with your advisor, study the legal subtleties of each regime to lay the foundations of your union.


An emotional moment, navigate the intricacies of dissolving your matrimonial property regime with foresight to arrive at a fair and balanced solution for your assets.

Educational assistance

Children's development must always be the key to guaranteeing their future, even in the event of an intra-family crisis.


Initial consultation refunded*

Protected minors and adults

Legal protection must be combined with respect for individual dignity to provide appropriate support for the most vulnerable people..


When a person's estate is being passed on, it is vital to have the right support to ensure that the inheritance is handled with complete peace of mind.

Plan liquidation

Joint ownership between cohabitees and PACS partners, community property arising from marriage, joint ownership between heirs: determine the rights and arrive at a fair distribution.

SCI / SARL Familiale

Whether it's to build a family project or anticipate the transfer of assets, setting up a family partnership can be an asset.

Matrimonial systems

The choice of a matrimonial property regime under French law is of vital importance in the planning your marital and financial life.

Whether you opt for community reduced to acquests, the separation of property, the participation aux acquêts or universal communityEach scheme has its own legal and financial implications.

By understanding the nuances of each of these plans, you can make informed decisions that match your personal and family goals.

Our Collective is here to guide you through this complex process, providing you with the advice you need to choose the matrimonial property regime best suited to your situation, to protect your interests and to build a solid financial future with your spouse by drawing up a personalised agreement.


  • Le divorce by mutual consent amicable, fast and confidential it is supervised by a lawyer, without recourse to the Family Court. This is possible when the spouses agree not only on the principle of their divorce but also on all its consequences with regard to their joint children and assets. To guarantee independence of choice, each spouse must be assisted by his or her own lawyer. Once your divorce agreement has been signed, we will arrange for it to be recorded at the civil registry office.

  • Le legal divorce : your lawyer will take note of the family context and your wishes with regard to your separation. He writes a assignment before the competent family court judge and will assist you at the hearing to decide on the interim measures the divorce and throughout the proceedings. There are several grounds for judicial divorce divorce acceptedthe divorce on grounds of permanent impairment of the marriage bond and the divorce for fault. Whatever the reason, we will advise you and defend your interests up to and including the liquidation your matrimonial property regime.

Educational assistance

Parents who separate must organise the consequences of their separation for their children: exercise of parental authority, visiting and accommodation rightsamount of the pfood ension and sharing holidays.

In this way, your lawyer can assess the amount of maintenance owed for the upbringing and maintenance of your children as accurately as possible.

If they agree, the parents can draw up a parenting agreement which, once submitted to the family court for approval, will have the force of a court judgement.

Even if the parents' separation is going well, organising the management of the children in an amicable way does not guarantee that there will be no disputes in the future (one parent wants to move, the other has a new spouse who is not very accommodating, there is disagreement over educational choices, the amount of child support has to be reassessed). An approved parenting agreement provides a framework for the separation and helps to avoid any disagreements.

Protected minors and adults

Every individual, whether a minor or an adult, has the right to legal security of person and status. to ensure, in particular, that its rights are safeguarded.

Whether it's to temporarily protect a minor in an emergency or to ensure that the interests of a temporarily or permanently incapacitated adult are safeguarded on an ongoing basis, we are there to support you every step of the way, with sensitivity and professionalism.

To arrange for the protection of an adult, we can either approach the public prosecutor's office or assist you before the guardianship judge in order to consider a guardianship measure. safeguard of justiceof guardianship or guardianship.


Inheritance law is a fundamental pillar of the legislation governing the inheritance from one generation to the next.

With its many subtleties, this area of law requires in-depth expertise to navigate its intricacies effectively.

Whether you are planning to write a willof plan distribution Whether you're looking for advice on how to deal with an inheritance (acceptance, acceptance up to the net assets or refusal), our Collectif is there to support you every step of the way.

Our current practice of handling disputes is also a strength when it comes to dealing with any objections from heirs.

Plan liquidation

La liquidation of a matrimonial property regime and an inheritance is the final and most crucial stage in the management of a family's assets/inheritance.

This complex process involves reissue of accounts followed by the distribution also known as the share from assets furniture and properties between ex-spouses after a divorce or between heirs after a death.

With its delicate legal and financial aspects, the liquidation of a matrimonial or inheritance regime requires rigour and expertise to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the assets. in compliance with the law.

Since its creation, our Collectif has been working with a number of partner notaries to help you find a fair and compliant solution to these aspects of your estate.

SCI / SARL Familiale

The Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) and the family Société à Responsabilité Limitée (SARL) are the preferred legal structures for managing assets within a family.

The SCI offers the possibility of owning, managing and transferring property in a flexible and advantageous way, while the SARL familiale allows you to create a family business with a profit-making vocation to carry out rental investment. subject to corporation tax.

After studying your project and your objectives, our team will draw up the articles of association for your SCI / SARL, discuss with you or recommend a chartered accountant with experience of this type of special company, and organise the life of your family company.


Frequently Asked Questions
The following is a selection of frequently asked questions. For further information, please use our contact form or the chat module at the bottom of the page.

What is the initial consultation?

La first consultation enables your lawyer to examine your situation in order to identify the various legal issues that arise.

During this meeting, your lawyer will consult the relevant documents in your file in order to complete his analysis (contract(s), invoice(s), exchange(s) between the various parties involved, accounting documents, witness statements, affidavits, bailiff's reports, etc.).

If the information provided is sufficient, a summary can be given to you at the end of this first meeting to explain the state of the law, how it relates to your personal situation and the possible avenues of appeal to protect your rights.

What happens after this initial consultation?

Sometimes it is difficult to resolve all the outstanding issues of a case at the end of a single consultation. Because a case is so complex, we need to request additional documents and/or information from third parties (administrative authorities, public registers, bailiffs' summonses) or to cross-check information in our professional databases.

At this stage, your lawyer will give you a roadmap outlining all the actions to be taken and the strategy to be followed in order to reach a solution.

All the foreseeable steps will be detailed in a fee agreement, which will give you an estimated time to carry out the formalities (drafting of deeds, compulsory formalities, forensic, court referrals, pleadings, enforcement of judgement).

Is the initial consultation charged?

Should you decide to entrust your case to us, your initial consultation will automatically be subject to a refund on your first invoice. However, if the initial consultation is a one-off and does not involve any sequel, the cost of the initial consultation will be set at the preferential flat rate of €69,00 excluding VAT.

How much does a lawyer cost?

Fees charged by MUSE AVOCATS lawyers are usually billed on a time-spent basis.

However, depending on each specific case, its complexity and what is at stake, how many steps need to be taken and the client's financial resources, a tailor-made fixed fee may be set so your budget is under control.

For more detail, please check the Services and fees page.

Can I pay in instalments?

YesThanks to our online payment service provider Stripe® and payment operator Klarna, you can choose to pay your fees by three (3) free of charge.

Are your fees covered by legal expenses insurance?

Yes, in accordance with the deductibles and coverage limits set out in the general and/or special terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Also, please remember your insurance company cannot impose a lawyer on you. You are free to appoint any counsel you wish: our fees will be covered.


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